How to Throughly Clean HP Laptop's Keyboard

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How to clean HP laptop’s keyboard and clean HP Laptop Keyboard throughly by cleaning up all dirty things on laptop keyboards.

Laptops tend to become dirty more quickly than desktop computers, mainly because they are used in a variety of locations. You found that there’s much dust on the surface of your laptop keyboard, even there’s some dust seem already entered the keyboard inside. Your laptop keyboard is an HP. So you wonder how to clean them up?

Since laptop keyboard can get dirty very easily, so to clean the surface of the HP laptop keyboard is very straight forward. These instructions show you how to clean your laptop keyboard thoroughly as well as giving it a quick once over.

What you need to prepare: lint free cloth, dry cloth or duster, suitable cleaning fluid, cotton buds, Can of compressed air or vacuum cleaner, and Flat tip screwdriver.

First, shutdown your laptop and remove the mains plug, unplug the HP laptop keyboard (remember which socket) and hold it upside down to release any debris from inbetween the keys (pressing the keys is a good way to release it).
If you have a can of compressed air then use it to blow any debris from around and under the keys, if not then use the hose of a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

Then take one of the cotton buds and put a couple of drops of the cleaning fluid on it, use the cotton bud to clean the sides of the keys.

After cleaning the sides of the keys take your lint free cloth and dampen it with your cleaning fluid (don't put the liquid directly on the keyboard), give the surface of the HP laptop keyboard a good wipe over using the cloth to trace the contours of the keys.

When you have finished, give the laptop keyboard a wipe over with the dry cloth/duster, you should now have a nice clean keyboard. Yes, we know there are many types of HP laptop keyboard, but no matter how many bells and whistles they offer, most HP laptop keyboards operate using similar technology. They use switches and circuits to translate a person's keystrokes into a signal a computer can understand. So the laptop keyboard cleaning methods are the same.

The HP laptop keyboard cleaning method is easy, isn't it? But it is important, it can save you lots of money.
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