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Ideas on Laptop Plugged in but Not Charging

It's at 4% battery or something like other and it's plugged in, but for some reason it's not charging. Do you have the same problem with your brand Laptop, such as Dell, HP, etc. What could be wrong? There are in a variety of causes about this situation....

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New Apple MacBook Pro 2011 Specs

Apple has unveiled its new Macbook Pro 2011 recently. The brand new MacBook Pros 2011 are reported as highly durable, sleek and lightweight design. It’s actually the replacement of the Powerbook G4 and positioned at the high-end of the MacBook family...

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What to Do When Laptops Get Too Hot

This is my first laptop and it is so hot that if I touch it, it burns my hand. I just got it last year. Is it supposed to be hot? I never have it on my lap or in the bed, only on my desk. After I used it some time it gets hot. Not so hot that it bothers...

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Fix Thinkpad Laptop Blue Screen Error

Papatek Guide to fix Lenovo/IBM Thinkpad blue screen of death , solve laptop blue screen error like blue screen at boot. Many people love Thinkpads, and swear by them. Perhaps you had the problem of Thinkpad blue screen death like me. After I signed in...

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