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IPad 2 Work Best in Good Hard Cases

My friend just purchased a shine yet slick lines iPad 2. She wants a ipad case that will allow her to use her smart cover while it is on. She also needs it to portect the back while being able to use her smart cover. Is there a case that will do that?...

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IPad 2 Tablet Gets Grandama Connected

The first generation iPad is a star with its beautiful, sleek and placing a great amount of productivity at your fingertips. Now, the new iPad 2 is about to go global in 25 more countries this coming Friday. The cost for Apple iPad 2 will be the same...

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Apple iPad 2 Vs Google Android Tablets PC

What's the big tech tablet debate of 2011? Perhaps it's Android tablets vs. Apple iPad. IPad 2 launching makes this competition much bitter. Since the iOS 4.3 iPad 2 has been avainable on 11th March, some reports said iPad 2 has sold out in debut weekend...

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