How to Tackle HP pavillion DV6 Laptop Blank Screen Problems

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The HP Pavilion DV6000 is a fairly popular laptop. Available at many retail outlets and online, it happens to be the one that I decided to purchase just under a year ago. Unfortunately, my HP Pavilion DV6000 laptop screen stay blank after turning on the power switch. Towards the end of the second year ( after purchase) the laptop would just show a black screen and become unresponsive if I used it for more than two hours at a stretch. I've tried the holding the popwer button for 30 to 60 sec and still nothing.
OK, if you had the problem I had, I have a solution. I had a problem where I could turn it on, I could hear the fan and disk spinning but the screen would stay black and blank. The keyboard lights and wireless connection light turned on, but they wouldnt respond to being switched or touched.
How I tackle this problem?

1. make sure the power is off
2. make sure the lap top is not plugged in (charging cord is not plugged in)
3. remove the battery from the bottom
4. hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds
5. plug in the power cord
6. turn it on as usual
If the above instructions doesnot work, try removing and reseating the RAM sticks in the Notebook by following the instructions available from page number in the Manual of the Notebook. Try starting the Notebook with one RAM module inserted and do try by inserting one RAM stick in another.
Additionally, you need to try connecting any Desktop Monitor to the VGA Port of the Notebook, power it on and press the FN and F4 key to get the display on the Desktop Monitor.
If this works and you get the display on the Desktop Monitor, the issue is with the LCD Display of the Notebook.

Unfortunately, if there is no display in either the LCD of the notebook or the Desktop monitor connected, the issue can be with the Hardware of the Notebook. By the way, your Notbeook may be one of them in which there is a hardware issue discovered and if it is, you can get the Notebook fixed for free. Get the Product Number of the Notebook which can be obtained from the bottom of the Notebook which is indicated by P/N and try to search it from HP support. If the Product Number of your Notebook is listed in the link above and if it is purchased in US, you can get it repaired for free where you need to contact HP Chat Support.

If not, I purhased a Laptop LCD Screen Replacement ( i got it for 119 dollars in Papatek) , This is a BRAND NEW Shiny 15.4" Laptop screen also referred to as Glossy, Glare, XBlack, High Gloss, X-Bright, SuperBright, Ultrabright, Diamond Bright, CrystalBrite, Brightview, PixelBright. The metal frame of the screen has screw holes in the right place to transfer any existing side brackets from your current screen. Even if I use my laptop for gaming and play it will not heat up and will not show the black unresponsive screen.

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