How to Repair or Replace Laptop LCD Display

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Even if you deal with your laptop with super care, accidents may happen. A cracked LCD screen will cost you, but maybe not as much as you think. Instead of replacing the whole computer, you can spend under $200 and replace the screen yourself.

A part of the screen still works fine but you cannot use it like that so you decided to replace the screen yourself. You can find LCD replacement instructions in Papatek or this DIY guide.

Step by Step Directions:
1: Turn off the power to your computer and unplug all cables connected to it. Remove the battery, if one is installed.

2: Locate the covered screws around the cracked screen. Remove the rubber or plastic covers, then unscrew the screws.

3: Gently remove the plastic frame around the cracked screen and set it aside. Disconnect any power cords or cables going into the LCD screen.

4: Remove the cracked screen and slide the new screen into place. Replace any tape or plastic fasteners that hold it in place.

5: Reconnect all internal cords to the screen. Screw in the frame and replace all the screw covers.

6: Before you start to panic, check all cable connections again. Check connection between the video cable, LCD screen and inverter board. Reconnect cables just in case.

Sometimes, you replaced the broken LCD screen in your laptop with a new screen but it’s not working. Does this sound like your problem? First of all, specific laptop models can come in many sizes and resolutions. And Screen Size can not be upgraded. You should confirm that this screen matches your laptop in size and in resolution. Once you assume that your new LCD screen is compatible with the old one. Different screens require different video cables. Make sure you new screen is compatible with your laptop.

The question now is "Where can I buy a replacement LCD Screen for Laptop LCD Screens?"  Well, my preferred place is Papatek.  There is a large selection to choose from with high quality and good service.  You can pay a little more and get the LCD replacement in a few days or if money is tight you can buy one that comes from online Papatek.  It all depends how long you want to wait.  Take a look at the LCD display screens or Samsung LTN156AT01 below.  They are up to minute live listings from Papatek for Both types of LCD screens.

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