How to Repair Laptop Keyboard Keys

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There are several various ways you can repair a damaged laptop keyboard as long as you know what the problem is. Now, there is a step-by-step guide for you how to make your Laptop keyboard, like Dell keyboard work well as it did when you first bought your laptop.


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  • HP CQ71 US keyboard 17 inch Keyboard for HP

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Tip1: The Easiest Way to Fix the Keys

Buy a can of compressed air and spray it on the keyboard  if your keys are sticking together. This is the easiest thing you can do to fix the keys on your keyboard. It doesn’t work for all problems, but it’s a good place to start. Make sure you get the air down inside the keys to clean out any debris, hair or food that may have gotten caught in there.


Tip2: Replace a New Laptop Keyboard
Replace the inside of the keyboard with a new piece. One of the major problems with Dell keyboards is that the plastic pieces holding the keys in place become loose or broken. You can find a cheap keyboard from or an electronics store. Simply take apart the new keyboard, pull the keys off your keyboard, lay the plastic piece on top and replace your keys.


Tip3: Solve Fall Off Keys
Use a small dab of super glue to replace keys that have fallen off. Dell laptops often have keys that fall off, especially as the computer ages or is used quite frequently. Place a small dab of glue directly on the round part that holds the key in place and lightly press the key down. When the glue dries, you’ll be able to use your laptop again.


Tip4: About the Retainer
Remove any problem keys from yourkeyboard and look at the plastic retainers. At times these retainers can become broken, damaged or simply fall off. Carefully pull off the retainer, clean it off with some compressed air and snap it back into place. Then put the key back into the slot and everything should work fine.


Tips5: Support Help
Consult the Dell manuals website to get information on your specific laptop computer. The manual will include information on troubleshooting and repairing any problems with your laptop. If you find that none of their suggestions work, you can also use the website to find the customer service number. You’ll need to call the number and ask for help or advice.


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