How to Insert Flip Camera Video into PowerPoint(PPT)?

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Flip video Camcorder is a creative digital device produced by Pure Digital Technologies. Five series include: the Flip Ultra, the Flip Ultra HD, the Flip Video Mino, the Flip Video Mino HD and Flip Slidehd. Flip video Camcorder records video in .MP4 format, which is compatible for iTunes, iMovie, QuickTime Player. However, raw video files from Flip camera in a PowerPoint(PPT) but couldn't  work. PowerPoint 2007 allows users to import the following video file formats: .asf, .avi, .mpg or .mpeg, and .wmv. Since the Flip camera produces an uncompressed .avi file, we should be able to import it.

Actually, the Flip camera video uses the 3iVX codec. It can be downloaded free from a number of different sites on the Internet, and it is also included when you download and install the Flip camera software. But, even after installing the 3iVX codec, it isn't possible to insert Flip camera clips into a PowerPoint 2007 presentation. Why happen this? Well, even though it has the right filename extension now, and the needed codec has been installed, it is still not compatible with PowerPoint 2007. Because PowerPoint uses its own proprietary player called the MCI Player (which is not the same as Windows Media Player). So even if you have the correct codec that is needed for playback of the video file on Windows Media Player, this codec must also be compatible with the MCI player that is used in PowerPoint, and currently the 3iVX codec is not. (The process of integrating video into a multimedia project is a lot like playing with a Rubic's Cube; you've got to hold your tongue just right and get every square lined up!)

The easiest way to use Flip Camera clips in a PowerPoint presentation is to convert them to Windows Media Video (.wmv) and then insert them into a presentation. While there are a number of different video converters available on the Internet, I like the software called Tenorshare Flip  Video Converter.


The best way to insert flip video to PowerPoint is to convert flip video to PowerPoint supported wmv, which is an easy job for Tenorshare Flip Video Converter.

Taking the Mac version as an example, you can convert flip to PowerPoint by the following easy steps:

Step 1: Add flip video
Click on the "Add File" button to import your flip videos to the application.

Step 2: Select the wmv format
Click on the Profile drop-down list, go to "Common Video", scroll down to the very bottom of the Common Video list, and you will see WMV Video, click on it to select.

Step 3: Start conversion
Click on the "Start" button to start the conversion. After the conversion, the folder where the converted files are saved will pop up and you will find the wmv files of your flip video clips right in the popped up folder.

You can now insert the converted files to your PowerPoint presentation by the following steps:

Step 1: Copy and paste the converted videos to the same folder where your PowerPoint presentation is saved.
Step 2: Open your presentation, go to the slide where you want to place your video, and click on the Insert tab on the upper left.
Step 3: From the Insert tab, find "Movies and Sounds" on the right part, and then click on "Movie from File".
Step 4: Select the converted video you want to insert from the same folder and click OK.
Step 5: You may want to resize your video if it takes up too much space of the slide. We recommend that you do the resizing by dragging the corner handles to avoid distortion.
Step 6: Now you will see a message asking how you want the movie to start in the slide show. And you can choose to automatically play the inserted video or play it on a click.



And now, you can enjoy your work and play your presentation and view the inserted video!

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