How to find the best laptop for students

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As a laptop has become a necessity for modern life,finding the best laptop for college students is not always the easiest task. With so many brands, models and specs it may seem overwhelming at times, especially for the stressful college life. But if you choose a right laptop, it will be different. Then you can use it surfing the web, Microsoft Word, hearing music, watching movies, and editing pictures, such as windows movie maker, imovie, photoshop, etc. This guide can help you find the best laptop for college students and make the right choice on deciding which laptop to choose for university.

Top laptop choices for college including Dell, Apple Macbook Pro, HP, Compaq,IBM, Sony or Toshiba. A great place to buy cheap laptops for college is online.

Things to consider in the best laptops for college students:
1. A decent price that’s within your budget
2. Has all the things you need while maintaining a good size
3. Make sure it has the most up-to-date technology possible, including the laptop battery life
4. Fits your personal style and likes, such as good-to-use laptop keyboard.
5. All the important ports
          * USB
          * HDMI
          * DVD Player
          * Memory Card Reader
          * VGA / DVI Port
6. Wifi is a definite requirement
7. Bluetooth is optional, but highly recommended
8. Webcam
9. A decent amount of RAM (2GB+)
10. Large enough to be functional, but small enough to be portable
11. Reliability and a good track record

We found that students typically require low prices and portability above all. A laptop that can be carried from class to class is key, so many students turn to low-cost Netbooks, which are small, low-power systems that generally cost less than $500. The downside is that these have small screens and generally use underpowered single-core CPUs.The students’rigorous usages demand that laptops for students should have be sturdy and high performance oriented.

Another option is a 13-inch thin-and-light laptop, which is somewhat less portable, but makes for a better experience when sitting down to write papers and do research. These have dual-core CPUs and often include optical drives. Apple's 13-inch MacBook is a prime example. They tend to perform better than the counterparts in the value category or ultra-portables but they are smaller and more portable than the large media oriented desktop replacement laptops.

Finally, if you are considering storing games and music on your laptop, you should think about the rate and Hard drive capability when purchasing a laptop. You ought to purchase a laptop with a minimum of processor rate for at least 1.46GHz (determines rate of laptop) and 60-70 GB (Gigabites) of Hard drive capability (Hard drive shops info).

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