How to email flip videos to your best friend?

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The Flip are  evolutionary Flip Video camcorders have changed the way people capture and share video by making it simple, accessible and fun for anyone. Flip Video camcorders are pre-loaded with FlipShare software to enable easy organizing, editing, and seamless uploading to Facebook Video™, MySpace™, YouTube™ and other video sharing sites. More information about Flip Video products can be found at Flipshare enables new and experienced users to create video clips and Flip movies. They can then be emailed and viewed by anyone.


Step1:  Insert the Flip video camera into the USB port on your computer.


Step 2: If you haven't already, you'll be prompted to download the most recent Flip Video software (Flipshare) from the internet.

Download flip Video software for flip camera users.

If the software is already installed, open it.


Step 3: Flipshare can automatically display the videos that need to be downloaded from your camera.

Click the Flip Video you want to save on your computer.(How to save flip video to your computer in my former post)

With the clips highlighted click "Save to computer."


Step 4: Select the video clip you want to email from the list on the left.

Find the clip from the camcorder folder, your computer folder, or the movies folder.


Step 5: Click the "Email" option beside the bottom of the Flipshare window.



Step 6: Enter your name and email address with the pop up window.

Type in the email addresses of your recipients in the large "To:" box.


Step 7: A still shot of the Flip Video you're sending will appear on the right side of the window.

Tips: You can add additional video clips drag and drop them from your Flipshare library.


Step 8: Click "Share" when you're ready to email the videos.


Step 9: Preview the email progress of the Flip Video in the bottom left corner of Flipshare window.

When it's done, a message will appear telling you the video clip was successfully sent.               

 Tip1: Do not remove the Flip camera until the email process is complete.

Tip2: If you want to try much easier-to-use software than flipshare, u can download doremisoft flip converer.

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