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The best Free DVD Creators for Flip Camcorders, Backup flip video to DVD

Recently some of our customers are asking us if we have applications to burn flip video to DVD. Unfortunately, we don’t have such an application. However, we have done some research and now we are going to introduce some of the best free DVD creators we have found.

If you are running a Mac OS, congratulations, you have the luck to use the iDVD that comes with your Mac OS. It is completely free and yes, you can directly import flip videos to iDVD because it now supports MP4 videos taken by your flip video camcorders.

If you are running a Windows OS, the latest version, Windows 7, you may have Windows DVD Maker coming with your Windows 7 OS. And Windows DVD Maker does allow you to burn many videos to DVD. However, it does let you import flip videos, therefore, you have to convert your flip videos to Windows DVD Maker supported formats before you can burn flip videos to DVD. You can refer to this guide to see how you can burn flip video using Windows DVD Maker.

The good about having a Windows OS is that there are quite a few free DVD creators for you to choose from. We do understand you don’t want the hassle of trying to find the best ones for you to burn your flip videos, so we have found them for you and rated them for your reference, so you won’t have to do the finding by yourself. The following three free applications are all nice quality DVD creators that let you directly import flip videos without converting them.

DVD Styler: 5 Stars

The best DVD Creator for Flip camcorder videos.

The best free DVD creator we think is DVD Style. Maybe not many people know this program but we have found it to be hidden treasurer. This application lets you use titles and chapters, which is not complicated to use, and the burning speed is also pretty fast. Also, we have tried burning videos from YouTube, Hulu, etc. to DVDs, and so far so good. We are very satisfied with the results, and the audio and video are well synced.

Click here to Download DVD Styler.

DVD Flick: 4 Stars

Free DVD Flick.

DVD Flick is quite known as a free DVD creator and it has a very intuitive interface. The final results are good and the video/audio quality is decent. But the whole process usually takes quite long and the video and audio are occaisally out of sync.

Click here to Download DVD Flick.

Koyote videos to DVD: 4 Stars

Free koyote to DVD Creator

Koyote is also easy to use and it has a step-by-step interface to guide you through the operational steps. And the output quality is also satisfactory. However, it asks you to install dealio as part of the "free" agreement and dealio tracks your web movements, which is quite annoying. So we recommend that you do not install this “add-on”, which is warned by the Web of Trust. And of course you can uninstall it if you have installed it.

Click here to Koyote videos to DVD.

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